Where Esports meets Education.

EsportScholar is an after school esports league, coaching and instructional service designed to get schools and organizations in the game.



Students build their skills over an 10 week long season, culminating in a final tournament.



Students work with background checked, game-specific coaches to improve on their in-game skills.



Students learn the core skills of the esports industry like: logo design, video editing, streaming and broadcasting.


Offering the most popular games

Games that captivate students, have serious career or collegiate paths, and are appropriate for an academic setting.

League of Legends

A game of strategy and team coordination, teams of 5 players compete to conquer the Summoners Rift.

Rocket League

“Soccar” or soccer with rocket cars. Squads of 3 players attempt to score on the opponents goal while defending their own.

Super Smash Bros

A classic fantasy brawling game, squads of duos and trios face off using a range of characters across the Nintendo-verse.

The future of competition isn't so far away.

Pricing is based on the price per student. A minimum of 10 students are required to register your team.

$ 100

per student

10 week season with tournament final

10 coaching sessions (1.5 hrs each)

10 e-skill sessions (1.5 hrs each)

10 game-pro sessions (1.5 hrs each)

$ 225

per student

3x 10 week season with tournament final

30 coaching sessions (1.5 hrs each)

30 e-skill sessions (1.5 hrs each)

30 game pro sessions (1.5 hrs each)


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