Developing real skills through gaming.

EsportScholar is a comprehensive after school esports program for schools, districts, and recreational organizations. Our seasons includes live, synchronous STEAM instruction, coaching and competition.

The core program features...

1. E-Skills

Students learn the core STEAM skills of the esports industry like: graphic design, branding, video editing, game dev, streaming and broadcasting.

2. Coaching

Students work with background checked, game-specific coaches to improve on their in-game skills.

3. Competition

Students build their skills over 10 week long seasons (Fall, Winter & Spring), culminating in a final tournament.

How we're different

There's a lot more to esports than just gaming... Where most providers simply host competition, we take a more educational approach.

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The STEAM approach

Few become pro gamers, but the esports industry is comprised of many other occupations. Our STEAM instruction illuminate those career paths and equip students with future-ready skills.

Expert coaching & instruction

Through live, synchronous sessions students learn from expert coaches and industry professionals.

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Building strong communities

Most kids game, but they're disconnected from their peers. We bring students together through a shared interest in a structured environment.

Unlock your potential with EsportScholar's program

A few of the numbers we're proud of...


Overall courses satisfaction score


Students expressing interest in pursuing esports at college


Happy students nationwide

Feedback & Testimonials

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“We never realized there was so much esports talent here on campus... It's been very popular.”

Sarah H.
Public School, High
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“Our students had a great time learning and playing. They became better friends through this program.”

Jenn P.
Charter School, Middle
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“Coaching has made all the difference.”

Josh F.
Charter School, Middle
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“Incredible coaches.”

Daniel S.
Public School, High
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