Harnessing the power of gaming

We believe that there is enormous potential for students to develop core STEAM skills by using  gaming as a medium for learning.

Using esports as a "Digital Trojan Horse", our program engages students in "E-Skill" topics such as Graphic Design, Video Production, Streaming and much more!

The History of Esports

From the first computer game in 1952 to the advent of scholastic teams, esports have made tremendous strides. Today, there is a thriving professional esports scene comprised of multimillion dollar teams. At the college level, there's more than 300 varsity teams, many are even awarding esports scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does pricing work?

Our standard package is for groups with a maximum of 15 students, please request a proposal.

Do you offer special pricing for big teams or districts?

Yes, we have discounted pricing for groups larger than 30 students or school districts.

What is the experience of your coaches?

Our coaches all have an average of 2,500 hours of experience in their respective game titles.

Are there grants available?

There are grants available for esports, please find them in the link attached.

Grant Info

Do you only work with schools?

No, we also work with camps, parks and recreations departments, libraries, and private organizations.

The story of our founders

Dissatisfied with the state of scholastic esports, our team is comprised of individuals in this industry's niche who sought to construct a more dynamic model. We set out to transform this space by offering an affordable and instructional approach to esports.

The mission behind EsportScholar

We believe that each student has enormous potential to discover and develop their passion for learning. Some just might not have discovered what they're passionate about. Through exposure to a range of disciplines and with the guidance of seasoned instructors, our goal is to create a unique learning environment using gaming as a medium.

Our work values

What we do and why we do it:

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Our dedicated team is with you through every step of the process. We are dedicated to customer service.

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Our program is designed to be affordable to ensure that more students are able to access our services.

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All staff are background checked to DoE standards. Our platform includes a custom built moderation software.

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Each of our courses employ the latest technological tools and are continuously updated to keep the material fresh.

Our company history

A little more about us...

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Schools in 10+ states

By April 2022, EsportScholar served students in more than 10 states across the country.


Reached 500 students

By December 2021, EsportScholar reached a 500 student community.


STEM.org Accredited

In early July, EsportScholar's program and courses receive accreditation by STEM.org


EsportScholar founded

EsportScholar was founded in January 2021 by Stan Usovicz, a former Director of Operations for an esports educational service, who set out to design the most dynamic scholastic program with a team of passionate instructors.